How the Republican Party Stole the Nomination from Ron Paul

Paul supporters gathered outside the Republican debate at USF in Tampa, Florida.

If you follow mainstream election coverage, you might think Mitt Romney has coasted to an honest, easy, well-deserved Republican nomination. Unfortunately for Republican voters, nothing could be further from the truth. The primary process has been an all-out slugfest and many of the delegates Romney has won may be the result of dirty tricks and even election fraud. The following narrative includes links to reports, first-hand testimonials, and video evidence highlighting actions taken by the GOP to ensure a Romney victory, at the expense of fracturing the party just prior to the general election. Party leaders at the county and state level have changed or violated party rules, cancelled caucuses, changed vote counts, thrown out entire counties of votes, counted public votes privately, called-in the SWAT team, and inexplicably replaced Paul delegates with Romney delegates to block Ron Paul from winning the nomination.

Iowa: Days before the caucuses, Paul held a commanding lead in the polls and all the momentum, with every other candidate having peaked from favorable media coverage and then collapsed under the ensuing scrutiny. Establishment Republicans, like Iowa’s Representative Steve King (R), attempted to sabotage Paul’s campaign by spreading rumors he would lose to Obama if nominated. Even though the Iowa GOP platform reads like a Ron Paul speech, shortly before the caucuses, Iowa Governor Terry Barnstad told Politico , “[If Paul wins] people are going to look at who comes in second and who comes in third. If Romney comes in a strong second, it definitely helps him going into New Hampshire”. The message from the Governor to voters of his state was: a vote for Ron Paul was a wasted vote.

Huffington Post reported that Paul was ahead by one point over Romney and Rick Santorum in entrance polls conducted by Edison Media Research for the AP before the caucuses. For the first time ever, the Iowa GOP changed the final vote count to a secret location . After the caucus, results from 8 precincts (including those with colleges, in a state where Paul won 48% of the youth vote) went missing. Interestingly, these were all precincts Romney lost in 2008. In addition, GOP officials discovered inaccuracies in 131 precincts. Though polling in a comfortable first place, Paul finished third in this non-binding straw poll, behind Romney and Santorum.

Iowa originally reported Romney in first, Santorum in a close second, and Paul third. After the recount, Santorum was named the winner with Romney in second. No mention was given to how the recount affected Paul’s vote count. Iowa GOP chairman, Matt Strawn, later resigned and was replaced by Paul supporter, A.J. Spiker and Paul went on to win the majority of delegates.

Florida: The Florida GOP broke party rules by switching to a winner-take-all state before the date allowed, which favors the candidate with the most money for advertising and attack ads.  Senior Advisor to the Ron Paul campaign, Doug Wead, claims this was done specifically to favor Romney.

Nevada: There is bad blood between Paul’s supporters and establishment Republicans in Nevada. This dates back to 2008, when Convention Chair, Sue Lowden and her enlisted delegates got up and walked out of the convention when it became apparent Paul’s supporters would claim a majority of the delegates. She claimed she would reconvene at a later time, but instead approved the McCain slate of delegates. This year, Paul supporters expected shenanigans; so his State Chairman, Carl Bunce, planned to win by outworking Romney. Just before the caucuses, he claimed to have “more IDs than Romney had votes in ’08”. This means through canvassing door-to-door and phoning voters, he had identified about 25,000 voters committed to show up and vote for Paul.

On caucus day, the media was denied access to most caucus sites and the few that were permitted were not allowed to take photos. Others were even ejected from sites. This CNN clip shows GOP staff preventing a Paul supporter from entering the premises to vote at a special caucus that was set up at the last minute for Newt Gingrich backer, Sheldon Adelson. Here, participants were asked to sign an affidavit (under penalty of perjury) stating they were Jewish and couldn’t vote earlier in the day due to “religious reasons”. CNN showed live coverage of votes being counted at this event, with Paul amassing nearly 60% of the votes. In some precincts in Clark County, the largest in Nevada, the number of ballots did not match the number of voters signed in at the caucus. Though votes were to be counted publicly, they were largely counted in private. The vote count was also inexplicably dragged out for several days, leading to a victory for Romney. Nevada State GOP Chairwoman, Amy Tarkanian resigned the day after the caucuses.

Another interesting note is that Paul’s 2012 votes had doubled, tripled, and more than quadrupled his 2008 votes in every state leading up to the Nevada caucuses, yet Paul received only 88 more votes there. Of all the places for this to occur, Nevada, the country’s most libertarian state; is the last in which anyone would expect this.

In spite of these irregularities , Paul won 22 of 25 state delegates and replaced state party officials with Paul supporters. Romney supporters then formed their own state party, called “Team Nevada”. The RNC then bypassed the official state party in order to organize for Romney and send all funds to Team Nevada.

Colorado: Romney supporters were caught passing out fake Ron Paul slates at the state convention. The RNC has not investigated or even commented on the matter.

Minnesota: Doug Wead, claims the state party instructed members not to vote for any delegates under age fifty because most young delegates support Paul.

Missouri: WXIX Cincinnati’s Ben Swann covered the fiasco in St. Charles County. Temporary Chairman, Eugene Dokes, started the meeting by banning video recording devices, a first for this event. Robert’s Rules of Order require the temporary chairman to accept nominations and elect a convention chairman to run the event. Instead, he appointed a chair of his choice. The crowd immediately erupted with booing. Shortly after, Dokes adjourned the meeting without the required two-thirds majority, called the police on attendees, and left. In adherence to state rules, Paul supporter, Brent Stafford, along with one of the top parliamentarians in the state, reconvened in the parking lot and attempted to resume the event. Shortly after, the SWAT team arrived and arrested Stafford, who was following state party rules. Dokes later admitted on talk radio that he and other state party officials deliberately broke the rules to prevent Paul from winning.

Maine: Ben Swann reported on shenanigans in Maine . Even though only 84% of votes had been counted; State GOP Chairman, Charlie Webster, declared Romney the winner over Paul by less than 200 votes. Hancock and Washington Counties hadn’t voted yet because Webster cancelled the caucuses due to an impending snowstorm, promising they could vote later and their votes would be counted. The snowstorm never occurred and he later reneged on his promise, telling voters in those counties their votes would not be counted after all. Washington County was Paul’s strongest in the state in 2008. Though other states with close outcomes held recounts, this was never a consideration for Maine.

At least one of the counties that did vote claims the state party recorded its tallies incorrectly. Matt McDonald, pastor of a small community church in Belfast, was nominated as the chairman of his caucus. He says the state instructed the caucus chairmen not to read any of the vote totals aloud, but rather to send the results straight to Augusta without a public reading. McDonald made a motion to change this rule, and it was approved unanimously. McDonald says 22 voters showed up, resulting in 8 votes for Paul, 7 for Santorum, 5 for Romney, and 2 undecided. When he called the votes into Augusta, he was told they already had the results and the totals read 9 for Romney, 5 or Santorum, and 2 for Paul. When McDonald told her the tally had been counted publicly, he says “her voice changed and she said…we’ll record this”. Doug Wead claims, “On every occasion, the votes that were lost were Ron Paul votes and the person responsible for reporting them were Mitt Romney supporters…in one case the votes were actually transferred from paper to…a computer and the lady doing the transfer was a Mitt Romney person”. To date, these tallies have not been corrected and Romney is still credited with the straw vote win while the media continues to report that Paul never won a state contest.

Arizona: The Examiner’s Kevin Kervick reports “ballot stuffing, rule violations, and improper vote counting that occurred behind closed doors” at the convention. In addition, Paul supporters allege threats of physical violence from Romney supporters.

Michigan: Doug Wead reports, ” Michigan, unlike any other state…had a special party rule forbidding any precinct delegate vacancies from being filled at county conventions until after the state delegates and alternates were chosen. In other words, countless Ron Paul supporters attending county convention were forcibly blocked…because they weren’t elected precinct delegates in 2010-long before the Ron Paul 2012 campaign began”. Wead also claims “documented instances in multiple counties where county party officials “edited” the state delegation lists after the county conventions adjourned”.

Wyoming: A commenter on Paul supporter website,, explains how members of the Republican Executive Committee (all Romney supporters) illegally cast votes in the delegate selection vote.

Washington: At the state convention , a Ron Paul delegate claimed bubble ballot sheets were withheld in King County’s district 36. He also claims the 37 th district caucus was forced to conduct the meeting outside because Chairwoman, Lori Sotelo, was irritated when a Ron Paul supporter was elected to run the caucus, instead of her choice.

Ben Swann interviewed a voter in Pierce County, Washington; who claims the local Republican leadership passed out what they called a “unity slate” to voters and said it represented an equal distribution of delegates committed to Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich. The plan was to organize to block Ron Paul supporters, who outnumbered the other candidates’ supporters, from receiving the lion’s share of the delegates. The Republican leadership prevailed.

Alaska: In spite of last-minute rule changes and violations of party rules, Paul supporters ousted longtime state chairman, Randy Ruedrich, and voted-in Paul supporter, Russ Millette.  Ruedrich then tried to sabotage the state convention and transferred all of the state party’s $100,000 to the local Capital City Republicans in Juneau, effectively bankrupting the party now controlled by Paul supporters.

Georgia: This video shows GOP Chairwoman, Sue Everhart, at the Athens Clarke County GOP meeting admitting “shoddy treatment of the Ron Paul people at that [2008] convention” and publicly apologizing. She presents the rule book that she helped to write and claims it won’t happen again. The video then shows the actual convention and party leaders breaking those rules to force their pre-selected slate of delegates and prevent Paul’s supporters from electing their own. Party leaders then adjourned the meeting illegally and ran out of the meeting.

Massachusetts: Paul won 16 of the 27 delegates selected so far in Romney’s home state. In addition, he swept all 6 from Romney’s home county. As a result (for the first time ever in the state), delegates were asked to sign an affidavit stating ” I certify under the pain and penalty of perjury, that on the first ballot at the 2012 Republican National Convention, I will affirmatively Vote for Mitt Romney, the winner of the 2012 Massachusetts Presidential Primary.” The state GOP then covered up Romney’s embarrassing loss by invalidating ballots and ousting the Paul delegates.

North Dakota: Ben Swann reports the selection of delegates was unfair: the GOP handed out pre-printed ballots with a slate of delegates with 60% of them being Mitt Romney supporters in a state where he won only 26% of the vote.

Oklahoma: Kevin Kervick of The Examiner reports that the Oklahoma convention had to be moved to the parking lot because Robert’s Rules were ignored, delegate credentials were not verified, a convention chair was never appointed, motions made from the floor were ignored, the Chairman illegally elected a slate of Romney delegates, and the convention was closed without a two-thirds majority vote. Consistent with Robert’s Rules, Paul supporters reconvened in the parking lot to elect delegates. Paul supporters have now filed a law suit to ensure their delegates will be seated.

Virginia: Doug Wead claims “at a district convention, they coaxed the Ron Paul delegation outside and then locked the door. The pastor of the church that was hosting the event was, himself, locked out”.

U.S. Virgin Islands: Ron Paul won his first caucus, only to have the GOP take down the straw vote results from their website showing Paul the victor with 29% over Romney’s 26% and replaced with a note from the party claiming Romney won because he won more delegates. Paul’s Official Campaign Blogger, Jack Hunter, explains how every other contest determined the victor by the straw vote, except the one straw vote Paul won.

Alabama: An inexplicable gap exists between Paul’s popular vote count and his delegate vote count. This is odd because voters choose both on the same day and on the same ballot. Alabama Republican Party rules state that voters can only vote for one candidate and then must choose between his delegates. Statewide, Paul received only about one-third as many votes as his delegates. This means voters chose another candidate, but selected Paul’s delegates. No other candidate’s totals showed a similar pattern.

Louisiana: Ben Swann reports a clash between the old Louisiana State GOP leadership and newly-elected leaders who support Paul. Old Chairman, Roger Villere, angered attendees with last-minute rule changes the night before the convention. At the start of the convention, Villere attempted to recognize the former Chair of the Rules Committee, who had been voted out the night before. When new Chair, Alex Helwig, rose to address the delegation; Villere instructed security (comprised of off-duty Shreveport Police) to remove him . They arrested him for trespassing and broke several of his fingers. Next, an overwhelming majority elected a new Convention Chair, Paul supporter Alex Helwig. Members then turned their chairs to face Helwig, with their backs to Villere. In desperation, Villere instructed the police officers to remove the duly-elected Herford. They did so and dislocated his hip in the process, sending him to the emergency room.  The reconvened group followed state party rules and went on to elect a majority of Paul delegates, which the state party later replaced with its own slate of Romney delegates.  The Paul campaign has appealed to the RNC, but it is unlikely that the RNC will reinstate the Paul delegates.

Oregon:  This YouTube video shows establishment Republicans in Congressional District 4 attempting to steal the ballot box and leave the premises when it became apparent the Ron Paul supporters were in the majority.  A Paul supporter is chased away from the ballots and claims he was accosted by an establishment party member.

Wisconsin: MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell reports Romney violated state campaign laws by bribing voters with free subs.

In other states, Paul supporters claim vote-flipping occurred with electronic voting machines. Once about 40% of votes are reported, there is typically little variation in the final numbers. However on several occasions, at about 40% Romney’s trajectory “flipped” with the leader, which was often Paul.  Austin Election Judge, Anne Beckett, has come forth publicly to claim she witnessed this firsthand.

Baseless allegations or a few isolated incidents may not be cause for concern, but there is enough video evidence in this report to disturb anyone who cares about fair elections.  Rule changes, disregard for existing rules, cancelling elections, running off with ballots, secret vote counts, throwing out votes, threats, physical violence, and arbitrary replacement of delegates are activities unbecoming of a democratic society.  Whether you’re a Ron Paul supporter, or even a Republican, is irrelevant.  That the Republican Party will seemingly stop at nothing to ensure their selected candidate is the nominee should be deeply troubling for all Americans.

220 thoughts on “How the Republican Party Stole the Nomination from Ron Paul

    • janmoss says:

      Ron Paul is Christian & believes in peace, that’s why he was cheated out of the nomination 5 states is enough to be nominated so they changed the rules
      1. Elected delegates were not seated
      2. delegates held on bus so they could not vote on the rule change
      3. Google .. RNC teleprompter shows election fraud
      4. Minority report was not presented for consideration
      5. Entire districts not being counted
      6. google RNC teleprompter
      7,Votes Not Counted in Maine or Waldo County

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  3. mac says:

    They also stole the republican party. It is 99% NWO progressives now.

    • annebeck58 says:

      Funny, and I mean, ironic; I received a call from a Republican (or Republidrone, as it turned out, the further along we got into the conversation) in my area (my precinct, even) that wanted me, as precinct chair, to help him win.
      I asked this man whom he voted for (I thought i asked which person he supported, but he argued I had said, “voted for”) in the prez-primary race. He told me it was, of course, Romney. I buzzed him. (You know, “Ahhhhk- wrong answer!”)
      That was not the end of the conversation. As he’s only about five years younger than me, I asked him why the GOP/RNC/TRP/TCRP was so willing to vote for or install (and even commit fraud and assault others) yet another Neo-con (emphasis on con). We also had discussed how bad all Neocons are for the party. I asked if he would not want the party back to what it was when he was a child. He used the “Reagan” buzzword.., via that tired, “I most closely align myself with Reagan”, so I had to ask; “Reagan in 1980 or Reagan in 1984?” (He thought it was a trick-question.)
      The whole thing left me thinking, once again; as I cannot go with the long-time, too-many-termed-legislator who’s currently installed, and this guy didn’t really get that Republicans used to BE the liberty party (or, the party of true libertarians) which means I cannot vote for or support him, I will most-likely abstain from that portion of the ballot, OR, I will go with whomever the Indy is, in that race. My vote will be one against the Neocons, either way.
      WHY do these people, who actually believe they are running because they, “want to do some GOOD, for a change”, go along with the Neocon-garbage?
      WHY did this man, who really wants my help, vote for Romney?
      Guess what? He never did answer this question.
      And this is all I wanted from him; the WHY.

      How can I spend my hours and my time or tell the people who count on my opinions when making their own decisions (as did I count on Ron Paul when it came to Ron Paul’s support of Reagan in 1980), give my support to someone who will not answer the only question I want answered?
      Simply put; I cannot. And, I will not.

      • Good on you! Stick to your guns my friend and pass the word about flagrant voter fraud and misconduct by the Republican party (not that the Dems don’t do it in favor of the FED puppet favorite, Obamanator)! We may be heard loud enough by enough folks that the silent majority will wake up and become vocal, and that could move us back towards the America I know and love! God bless you!

    • Anonymous says:

      Goldman Sachs owns Romney, Obama, and Ryan. A vote for either is a vote for Goldman Sachs communist New World Order. Paul Ryan was involved in insider trading with Goldman Sachs while Obama, Romney, and Eric Holder’s biggest donors are Goldman Sachs.

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  6. Gerald Leddin says:

    I will be voting for Gary Johnson, and not wasting my vote for any Crook or the other Liar! Ron Paul is an honorable and desent man, apparently those are qualities that Republicans don’t share!

    • annebeck58 says:

      If you go to you may find a better option.
      I cannot go with Johnson due to his ideas on these wars (he’s happy with continuing them), so I will be writing-in Ron Paul.
      I am sick over what new rules and old rules, as well as laws, the RNC and state’s GOP have broken, as well as laws broken by Mitt, himself. But, I will vote Ron Paul as he is the only (decent person, as you stated) guy I can go with.

      Don’t know what I can do in 2016, but this year? It’s Ron Paul all the way/

      • wes says:

        What? No he doesn’t. Gary wants to cut/end foreign aid and the very first thing on his website says “#1: Bring the troops home.”

    • sidney18511 says:

      Just want to let you in on a little secret…….Ron Paul IS A REPUBLICAN. If he was such a decent man he would change parties and become an independent.

      • gphx says:

        Martin Luther King was a Republican too and also tried to change the world for the better. What’s your point?

      • annebeck58 says:

        Because the Republican Party was the libertarian party. It was not the party of the NeoCONS, though it is generally so, now. As Dr Paul has stated, Republicans have lost their way, and we’re all working to put party members back on the right side.

        I am a Republican because I do not agree with anything the NeoCons (in either party) espouse. I am a Republican because I hold libertarian values and ideals, just like Ron Paul does.
        & Next time, answer your own question by reading GOP platform(s). The Neo_CON Reps don’t pay that platform any mind, but they know how to employ the right words, in order to lie to the world; this certainly includes lying to any Republican that uses his ole noggin.

      • Daniel says:

        He tried the Libertarian Party and he was completely ignored by the media in the election. He ran as a Republican so that he could participate in the debates and get his name out to the general public. Other than that no 3rd party will ever have a chance. The odds are even worse than if you run as republican or democrat.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Goldman Sachs operatives in control of the government, Obama, and Romney at the moment, are trying to also disqualify Gary Johnson just like they did Ron Paul: “

      • annebeck58 says:

        Mittens and his minion will stop at nothing to ensure the PEOPLE of these United States have no say-so! Something is wrong with this insane attitude. I mean, we all know that he (along with the Bipartisan election-fraudsters in each county and state) has either removed ballots/ votes or has switched them, or both. It’s all so Mittens appears to be, “the people’s choice”, while nothing is farther from the truth.
        The people do NOT want Mitt.
        The people do not want crazy Barry, either.
        The people want Dr Paul and/or Gary Johnson.

        Has anyone ever heard of ANY rationale for voting, Mitt, other than, “”he can beat Obama!”, while we know he cannot.
        I just cannot believe Mitt’s so desperate for votes (well, he is desperate) that he would dare push this through. He wants to remove our rights, completely, and certain idiotic folk are working alongside him, to do just that. What they do not realize is this: When they okay removing our votes, they are also okaying removal of their own choice(s).

        As they say, first they came for….., and next they will come for you…

        *Completely idiotic!*

      • Sidney says:

        There is a small group of people that would like a Ron Paul presidency. Most don’t realize that if he was elected that he would never get his ideology through congress, never. The very same Paul supporters who had nothing to say when the voting rights were stripped from the poor, black, young, democrats have no reason to be surprised to find themselves added to that list. If Ron Paul were so honorable, he would LEAVE the corrupt republican party and denounce it. He would run as an independent. But he didn’t. He is just another pea in the same republican pod. Accept it.

      • annebeck58 says:

        Sidney- many of US are already holding seats to assist in getting more who care about this country elected. We have people running for offices, including Congress, to try and get this fixed. Sure, it’s an uphill battle, but having to fight against a president who will not even follow the constitution of these United States, is something we should not have to do.
        What would you suggest?
        Gary Johnson is not Ron Paul; he’s not even close to it, regarding his ideals.
        I will never vote for Romney OR Obama, and Johnson is not on my radar, so I will write-in Paul.
        If all states are able to have their write-ins read and counted, what is wrong with this?

        We are not a “small group”, regardless. You may believe whatever the idiotic MSM tells you, but we actually know better. Who had all of these thousands of supporters show up, in each and every city he visited? It was Ron Paul, and ONLY? Ron Paul. None of the others could even break a thousand.

        By the way, when Obama was drawing crowds (almost) as large as did Ron Paul, the GOP said same thing about him; “It’s just the kids and the kids don’t really vote.” We know that is not garbage, even if Obama is.

      • sidney18511 says:

        Annabeck it appears that it is yourself that is listening to rightwing propaganda. The republican party that you are trying to change from the inside doesn’t exist anymore. It is now the party of evangelicals, racists, misinformed and people frightened of change. They want to take this country back to a time that only exists in their imagination. They see that their superior white race will soon be a minority and scares the bejesus out of them. This country will continue moving foward into the future and will take everybody hanging on to the past by their fingertips, kicking and screaming along for the ride. I am surprised that you imagine Obama disrespecting your constitution, while you mention nothing about the republican party stripping Americans of their constitutional right to vote. The republican party as it now stands is an illusion, void of ideas and hungry for power. The republican party is in the final phase of a hostile takeover by several plutocrats, and they are coming to strip the earth of its natural resources unimpeded by EPA regulations, and they have their eye on your tax dollars, your money, which they believe, would look much better in their wallets. Can your tell me one thing that the republicans accomplished that has benefited the American people? Just one. And if you have time fill me in on what Obama has done to your beloved constitution and please don’t get him confused with the republicans who want to wipe away amendments that they don’t like and add ones that match their moral religious worldview, which they would like to jam down the throat of 300 million Americans.

      • annebeck58 says:

        I have mentioned that both parties are made up of the same neo-cons (and that word has nothing to do with conservatism) in just about every comment I’ve made. Both parties are the same party, ruled by the same masters, or handled by the same puppeteers.
        I don’t think I should have to address this in each and every comment to prove that I do hold this belief or knowledge.

        I addressed what you said, and i did state: I HOPE these people, who are running for different offices (all different offices) are not being run over by the usual tools. They are the ranting, raving, cheerlead-ing buffoons whom we’ve watched and heard shouting over anyone who’s dared to even question, WHY? It’s the, “U-S-A u S a U S a” crowd that has infected and gone along with the Bilderbergs, having no sense of what they are doing and why they are doing it.

        A third (or second) party does nothing but set-up another “in” for these pigs.
        So what do you suggest?

      • annebeck58 says:

        You know; this is simply not true.
        Do yourself and the whole world a favor: STOP WATCHING TELEVISION NEWZZZ!!! It’s a load of tripe, ment to put you asluber, and keep you there, via their incessant droning-on, while saying nothing of importance.
        Jeez. Wake up or Zip IT.

      • sidney18511 says:

        More then half of the architects of the Iraq war are Romneys foreign advisors. They are all republican warmongers, or as they are better known…neocons (yes they are republicans and conservatives).
        Instead of telling me not to watch current events, may I make a suggestion for you? You are obviously malnourished when it comes to factual news, so as per my suggestions, stay away from your conspiracy theory web sites and rightwing media outlets. Your brain is in need of truthful factual news content, so feed it some. You are beginning to see things that don’t exist, such as more evil politicians (both sides are NOT the same) and Obama disrespecting the constitution. Eat up, annebeck. Your brain is starving.

      • annebeck58 says:

        Too bad, so sad, that you cannot comprehend the slightest bit of information, which is out there for the taking. If you have an internet line, there’s much to read.
        You don’t even see the commonalities between O and Mittens!
        1. Both would happily further these wars, at the behest of Bibi the NuttyYahoo (IZraHell)
        2. Both would (and have) grow our government to insanely unimaginable proportions
        3. Both would bomb Iran following this year’s (s)election. Sure, O is holding out right now, but it’s only because it’s an (s)election year.
        4 Both would happily raid Social-Security and Medicare in order to finance these wars.
        5 Both have been pro-choice (though I don’t really care, many do)
        6. Both support the death penalty (and would and have used it, even with no trial or jury or judge)
        7 Both have worked toward a MANDATE in regard to socialized medicine.

        There are many other issues i can use to show you that these “two” puppets of Bibi Nutty-Yahoo are the same in deed, if not in word.

        Since you seem to like the bottle (judging on your inane commentary), here’s a (s)election-game for you:
        During the debates, each time one or the other NEOCON (Bambi and Mittens) uses the phrase, “I agree with my opponent”, you must take a swig. You may need a week to sleep off that hangover, but it’s a week you can spend trying to find truth (and not listening to the SNEWZZZ).

        Btw; your first statement about NeoCONS being conservative, in any way, was completely and totally off the mark. Do you really believe any conservative Patriot would EVER withhold a vote from Mittens, were he (as a NEOCON) a conservative minded individual?

        Honey, you are offa yer rocker!

      • sidney18511 says:

        First, a little bit of advice little lady….all the info that you read on the interwebs is not true!
        Isreal can not attack Iran without us, and considering the desperate support that bibi has for Romney who have worked together in the past at the same financial company, it is obvious that Obama is putting bibi on notice that we are not going to be their bitch, but Romney will be more then happy to drop his draws and bend over for his good friend bibi. Isreal has been pushing this president to do its bidding and Obama has refused to step in line. The republicans would use (and they already are) anything that they could to scream from the highest mountain that Obama is letting isreal (our good friends) to face danger without our help. Obama has to play the game that he is on Israel’s side as we get closer to the elections, but he is no bloodthirsty neocon. So why don’t you stay away from the rightwing conspirity theory nutjob lying websites. Maybe you will come back to reality.

      • annebeck58 says:

        Bibi “cannot attack Iran without us.”?
        Actually, with their 400+ nukes (thanks to the USA and to their spy programs IN the USA), they could. Do they want to? Do they care to risk the lives of their OWN military? No, definitely not. For this reason, I suppose one could say they, “need US”.
        They have no problem sending Americans in to be killed if it prevents them having to do same.

        And, don’t be a jerk, by trying to diminish me with that, “little lady”, stupidity. You’re completely transparent.

      • sidney18511 says:

        So little lady, please don’t give yourself too much credit on your knowledge concerning Israel’s weapons. The do not have the bunker busting bombs that would reach Irans underground facilities and they also know that when they light the fuse that would start this devastating unnecessary preemptive war they wouldn’t be able to protect their country from the fallout that they would so rightly so deserve. So no Glennbeck, oh I mean annebeck, isreal could not do this on their own, but it seems that is the only option that our president is giving them, and big tough isreal doesn’t seem to like the odds. And talking about transperancy, stay away from the crazy websites. It’s not a good look for you.

      • DrMeatwadPhD says:

        Sidney, you are an idiot. Listen to Anne, she is in the thick of it, most likely far deeper than you could imagine for yourself. The double tap with the “little lady” is very big of you. What a man,,,, what a fine fine man you could have been.

  7. free likes says:

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  8. Anonymous says:

    “The right of suffrage, as conferred by the constitution, is beyond the reach of any such legislative interference.” In State v. Findlay, 20 Nev. 198, 19 P.241 (1888).

    • annebeck58 says:

      One would wish, but the GOP (as well as the Dems) has taken away voting-powers. They voted to change the rules, and the particular rules they changed had to do with the power being in the hands and mouths of the people.
      It’s time to get rid of these parties and concentrate on the voters, individually.

      • sidney18511 says:

        Annabeck, it is the GOP, and only the GOP that are stripping the constitutional right to vote from its citizens, there are NO democrats involved with this hitler-like action.

      • annebeck58 says:

        Why don’t you read what I have said?
        Both parties are garbage.

        There are two ways to react:
        1. Ignore it all and hope it doesn’t touch you or your kids (and you know it will), or,
        2. Try to fight it from within, and we all saw how successful Ron Paul was in this.

        Both parties are scum. and, again; both are run by the same masters.
        If, however, people who have learned from Dr Paul (from both so-called sides) can move forward into both parties, true change can happen. If we all just sit back to whine, grumble, and kvetch, they win– more easily.

      • sidney18511 says:

        The false equivalent argument that “both sides do it” does not work anymore. Anyone with eyes to see can tell that entire republican party has gone off the deep end, and the lunatics are steering the ship. Of course I could always expect more from the democrats, but they need republicans willing to comprimise, and there are none. The republican party has undergone a hostile takeover of the plutocrats in the 1%, and they want to jam their ideology whole down the throats of all citizens, and if they got the chance, they would, and you would not recognize this country unless you were familiar with a third world country like Haiti. Dr. Paul, as you call him, is one of them. He is a republican trying to build up a following for his sons future political career. Karl Rove has said that his goal is to turn this country over to the republicans for decades as a “one party rule”, although it might not happen this time, they are close enough to taste it. You can not name one democrat who has ever said anything comparable, because they are NOT THE SAME.

      • DrMeatwadPhD says:

        Sidney, it takes some democraps to vote those new voting laws into existence, so Anne is absolutely correct to blame both.

  9. […] list contains the individual cases leading up to the convention illustrating the fraud, […]

  10. mari says:

    get real and study the facts…OBAMA OR ROMNEY thats the choice ! any third party splits the vote and ROMNEY GETS IN … he can promise anything he wants once he’s in he will pull a Romney.. flip and flop which ever way his wind blows… NOPE you hold his feet now or the GOP GETS OBAMA HE HAS TO COMMIT! HE HAS TO ADD THE RON PAUL PLATFORM !!!! Ross Perot ran INDIE IN THE 1990s and split the vote enough to get CLINTON in office unseating extremely popular UNCMB PRESIDENT George HW Bush 1…. Look it up and study the elections in the 1990’s and ross perot…. don’t be fooled with emotions !

  11. […] article was taken from the fine folks over at Free Words, you can check out the original post here. Share this:TwitterFacebookEmailRedditPinterestStumbleUponDiggPrintTumblrLike this:LikeBe the first […]

  12. […] cheating at many local and state levels, including Tennessee declaring Santorum the Republican presidential primary “winner” […]

  13. […] Folla di sostenitori di Ron Paul manifesta a Tampa (Florida), sede della Convention Nazionale Repubblicana che ha ‘ufficializzato’ la nomina di Mitt Romney Se avete seguito la copertura informativa che i media hanno dato alle primarie repubblicane, potreste pensare che Mitt Romney abbia condotto una campagna elettorale tutta in discesa ma che lo ha portato ad una onesta, facile e ben meritata nomination presidenziale. Sfortunatamente per gli elettori repubblicani, nulla di più lontano dalla verità. Il processo delle primarie è stato una battaglia combattuta colpo su colpo e molti dei delegati che Romney ha conquistato sono probabilmente il risultato di sporchi trucchi e di frodi elettorali. La narrazione che segue include i link alle testimonianze, soprattutto in prima persona, e ai video che evidenziano le azioni intraprese dal GOP [Great Old Party, cioè 'grande vecchio partito', soprannome popolare del Partito Repubblicano, ndt] per assicurarsi la vittoria di Romney, anche a scapito di frantumare il partito proprio prima delle elezioni generali. I dirigenti del Partito a livello di contea o dei singoli stati hanno cambiato o violato le regole di partito, cancellato i caucuses, alterato i risultati delle elezioni, estromesso i voti di intere contee, contato i voti (espressi pubblicamente) di nascosto, con la complicità della SWAT [squadra speciale anticrimine, NdT], ed inspiegabilmente sostituito i delegati eletti di Ron Paul con quelli di Romney per fermare la corsa di Paul alla nomination. […]

  14. nvgefresabulg1988 says:

    Reblogged this on Sharon Greenelsh Blogs.

  15. Denny says:

    And I’m supposed to vote for this band of thieves – a party without honor – because it’s the “lesser” of two evils? Not hardly! I joined the ‘resistance’ in 1980 when I voted for John Anderson. I have voted in every election since – and I’m proud to say – NOT once for a D or R! IF I have fought this two party “scam” for 32 years – this year sure won’t win me back! Gary Johnson – LIVE FREE!

  16. Doug Boone says:

    It is time to vote Third Party, let’s make a mass statement, I am voting for Jill Stein, Green Party, or you can vote Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party, the black-box-voting-machines will choose the next President anyway, but we can make our statement, and possibly gain spots for 2016.

  17. […] How the Republican Party Stole the Nomination from Ron Paul. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. […]

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  20. Ezequiel says:

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    I think that you could do with a few pics
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    than that, this is wonderful blog. A great read. I will definitely be back.

    • jaretglenn says:

      Funny you mentioned that because somebody did publish a book about this. I read the book and it looked like they started with my article and expanded upon it. They cited all of the sources that I did, but I was never given any credit. While I’m happy to help and glad someone published a book, it would’ve been nice to be credited.

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  23. […] nomination.  The Republican Establishment felt enough heat from the RawPaw wing to go as far as to change important primary rules to keep him down, and I’m honestly not even sure who the TeaTards thought their guy was. Fred […]

  24. […] With the momentum of an Iowa win behind him, it’s very likely Paul would have taken New Hampshire. Then there was Maine: […]

  25. […] Ron Paul in 2012, the RNC leadership will do everything, including election fraud, to prevent Donald Trump from […]

  26. The solution is to have your candidate’s supporters take over the county and state Republican Central Committees. Contact your county clerk January 1st 2016 to find out requirements and dead lines. You must get all your friends to do this nation wide. Having the votes or delegates means nothing unless you own the machine. You own the machine when you control the committees.

  27. […] FOR Mitt Romney. Articulating this point quite well is the July 31, 2012 posting from Free Words (😉, an extremely relevant paragraph from which is reproduced […]

  28. […] in 2012, Paul’s supporters made a strong case that he was being systemically and egregiously rigged out in the primaries by the Republican National Committee (RNC) and widely broadcast their […]

  29. […] Paul’s nomination impossible. Mitt Romney, who had already won sufficient delegates through dirty tricks during the primaries to become the “presumptive nominee,” would also be granted power to replace duly elected […]

  30. […] Paul’s nomination impossible. Mitt Romney, who had already won sufficient delegates through dirty tricks during the primaries to become the “presumptive nominee,” would also be granted power to replace duly elected […]

  31. […] Paul’s nomination impossible. Mitt Romney, who had already won sufficient delegates through dirty tricks during the primaries to become the “presumptive nominee,” would also be granted power to replace duly […]

  32. […] Paul’s nomination impossible. Mitt Romney, who had already won sufficient delegates through dirty tricks during the primaries to become the “presumptive nominee,” would also be granted power to replace duly elected […]

  33. […] Paul’s nomination impossible. Mitt Romney, who had already won sufficient delegates through dirty tricks during the primaries to become the “presumptive nominee,” would also be granted power to replace duly elected […]

  34. […] Also, if you assume that parties abide by the rules they’ve written for themselves and stay unified for the good of the party during the convention, I have some snake oil I’d like to sell you. […]

  35. […] Ron Paul came very close to winning a clandestine war against Mitt Romney, something that most Americans did not know then, and do not know to this […]

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